Four Different Approacheses To Management: Decision-Making Approaches In Management

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Decision-Making Approaches in Management A management position at the work place means adapting a leadership role that makes vital decisions on behalf of the company. There are different levels of management ranging from lower, middle to upper-level management, all of which require a certain degree of decision making confidence. When making a decision, a manager must learn to balance emotion with experience and educated choices in order to form the best ideas in dealing with a situation. Thought Leaders, LLC (2017) states there are four key approaches to decision making in the workplace. The different styles of decision making in management include autocratic, participatory, consensus, and democratic. A leader develops one of these styles…show more content…
An efficient leader must learn when to use what method at the right time and must acknowledge their level of management. A manager may have a preference as to which style they are most comfortable with but must also learn to adapt their decision style to the requirements of the decision. For example, a decision on whether or not to merge with another company should not be made by middle management with a participatory approach. A decision as to whether or not the company should volunteer for a non-profit fundraising event falls more along the lines of this type of manager and…show more content…
This is why figuring out which decision-making approach is vital to the success of a company. If executed effectively, a company can reap the profits of a solidified team with increased morale and full investment in carrying out the decisions of its managers. Autocratic, participatory, consensus, and democratic leadership approaches provide varying options for managers and other company leaders. Autocratic is the most effective when a decision needs to made immediately. Participatory creates opportunities for the team to think creatively and participate actively in company decisions. Consensus relies on every single team member’s agreement on a decision, thus creating a unified point of view. The democratic approach requires a majority vote on decisions, where not all members have to agree but the greater number speaks for the group. There is no right or wrong approach to decisions made in management position. There are, however, considerations to be made so that decisions are thorough and well thought

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