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The reason why I decided to attend to Job Corps is because I needed to better myself in life. I say that because I need to earn a high school diploma to get a better job so that I can take better care on myself and be as of independent I could be. Also, I did not want a job living pay check to pay check; I want to have a great career as I am getting older in life. In high school, although I was very capable, I behaved like I did not know how to act. I would go to classes on time, but I would leave and go outside with my friends as if I did not have anything to do inside the school. As a result of me not going to classes, my grades in some subjects were good and the others were poor. My mother decided to withdraw me from Central High School and she enrolled me in GED classes at a community college. I attended the college for two months. I had paid for the four tests, but I never did them because…show more content…
For example, I am learning how to run water supply through pipes in plumbing class and how to measure and saw different types of wood. I have completed 30 % of my trade. When I complete this trade, I would like to focus on welding which it part of the trade because welders earn more money than some other tradesmen. At present, there are four other female students in my BCT class. I am confident that I will be able to learn and perform all the tasks as good as a man when I enter the workforce. I plan to apply to work at a large hotel chain like the Marriott Hotel because it offers great benefits and pays decent wages. Recently, I started Penn Foster high school program and I can learn at my own speed. It is more comfortable because it is self-paced. In high school, my favorite subject was math; I thought that math was going to take me farther in life so I paid the most attention in that class. Sometimes, I tutor students that need help in math at Job

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