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In this essay I will explain and illustrate the meaning of the Neolithic Revolution (c.8000-5000 BC). Also what were its primary causes and effects? At first I will clarify how people lived during the very early times just before the Neolithic Revolution. That period of time was called Paleolithic, which begun right with the beginnings of human life until about 10,000 BCE, those people are known as nomads (wanderers). They lived in small community groups of 20-30 people, spending most of their time hunting and gathering food. The sexual orientation between those people divided them into hunters and gatherers of fruits, berries, and other eatable plants. These early people have developed very first of tools and weapons such as, spears and axes…show more content…
Due to the fact of permanent settlement there were created social classes, which inspired the rise of civilization. The Neolithic Revolution is a major turning point in human history. The primary causes of the Revolution was a number of factors that were either unavoidable or strived to get to. The population increase lead to the shortage of food. That led to increase of farming fields and the irrigation methods such as water lifts. The outcome of it helped larger communities and necessitated improved storage. The pottery invention grant for longer and safer storage of food and saving it from going bad. Granaries were built to expand the storage of excess food, later on the left over food was used to trade with neighboring communities. Agriculture becomes involved as rituals, which explains the very first forming religions. Another cause was the trial and error of hunting. Creating verity of different tools was a fundamental step towards the understanding and promoting the position of people in the food chain. The ability of killing an animal with a smaller group of people due to having the tools to do it with, let them to expand the territory and the quantity of hunted

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