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By carefully analyzing feasibility, anticipating implementation issues, communicating with, and ensuring the support of senior and line managers, and setting up realistic schedules for each position, both large and small organizations can derive value from a job rotation program. Challenges from the Adaptation of Job Rotation However, Job Rotation may also reduce productivity as employees are initially unfamiliar with a new tasks and it takes them awhile to make adjustments. Job Rotation is a major life change, especially if you have worked at one job for a long period of time and if you’ve only graduated with a degree to that kind of job in college. We all know someone who feels they are going in the wrong path career wise or wants a change.…show more content…
It again reveals that employees who are rotated are not given adequate training before rotating them and employees may have breath of experience but don’t have deep knowledge and expertise of one particular job. A job rotation strategy comes with costs. When you move employees into multiple positions, you must invest time and money into training the workers in all those positions. This not only includes costs for the employees who are rotating, but also the time of the managers and others who must train the employees in each area. A related concern is that some employees aren't good fits in certain positions within the company, regardless of the training program's effectiveness. Reduces Uniformity. Quality of work done by a trained worker is different from that of a new worker .when a new worker I shifted or rotated in the department, he takes time to learn the new job, makes mistakes in the process and affects the quality of the job. Job rotation results in frequent interruption of work. A person who is doing a particular job and get it comfortable suddenly finds himself shifted to another job or department. This interrupts the work in both the

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