Compare And Contrast Tiwi Culture

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In this essay ill speak from the perspective of the Tiwi bad comparing there believes to believe in my culture. The Tiwi people pride themselves as being a culture based on tradition and being a close knit group. As and American my culture not so much with so many resources we often have been labeled as materialistic and selfish culture. One big difference that my culture and the Tiwi brand differ on would be marriage and romance. Different aspects on marriage is intriguing in both cultures because how society perceives what’s accept by social standards. In the Tiwi culture romance and marriages are different from other cultures there are numerous aspects that outsiders may not agree on. Traditionally the father or the son agree on who the daughter will marry at birth…show more content…
In my culture woman are bless with the freedom to choose the man or woman see wants to marry usually it’s a sign of respect for the man to ask the father of the lady for her hand in marriage but it’s not a requirement. Another interesting element interesting element that the Tiwi Culture embark in at birth a newborn girls are engange to men that are 60 years and older but can’t officially move into the same house as the men until there 14 years of age. In my culture such act would be considered a crime and is looked at as child molestation due to the large age difference. Another way my culture difference from tiwi culure because a man inherits more than just a wife he takes in demands he must met for his mother-in-law. “son-in-law are in a reciprocal relationship in which the son-in-law is obliged to "feed" his potential wife's mother, providing her not only food but any goods and services she

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