Essay On Being Attractive

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What is the universal code for being attractive? Don't listen to the jerk that says the only thing that makes you attractive is a great face and body. That person doesn't understand what attraction is really about. That person is stuck in some weird egotistical reality where they judge people on looks alone (including themselves - how sad) and can't allow themselves to see past the cover. Attraction is much more than just 'I like your face'. As human's we are attracted to people who make us feel good, and they don't need to have a perfect face. What Is Being Attract Really All About As A Human? 1. Stand By Your Words Faithfulness is one of the most attractive qualities a human being can possess. - Ron Kardashian Being faithful is not just…show more content…
Zach Heltzel is a conventionally attractive guy, but as he says, when someone doesn't like him, he knows it's because of his personality, not his looks, and that's a huge thing to remember as you contemplate whether or not looks matter in being consistently attractive to someone. There are plenty of conventionally good looking people who are miserable in their relationships. They can attract someone because of their looks, but if their personality is crap, they can't keep that person and maintain a truly happy and healthy relationship. That's why personality matters the most. Without a good one, you will never truly be happy with someone. 10. Don't Expect Recognition And Praise "Being humble is so attractive. I love the people that do a lot and don’t speak on it. People that let their actions speak for them." - Alissa Violet Lastly, just focus on being a good person without requiring recognition and praise in the process. If you focus on getting attention, then you will do things solely based on how you think other people will react. Moreover, you will come across as selfish and egotistical as you make sure everyone notices what great things you have done. Gloating isn't
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