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THE CONCEPT OF CUSTOMER PERCEIVED VALUE OF FASHION RETAILER Introduction Customer value has appearances in several different contexts. Customer value can be view within accounting, strategic management and even from marketing context. The aim of this study is on the customer value within the marketing context and to understand what are the definitions of value and the interaction between the customer and the products on a fashions retailer (Cottet et al., 2006:220). First, the meaning of value is illustrated in four definitions such as value in low price, value is whatever we want in a product, value in a quality that we get for the price we pay and value is what we get for what we give (Zeithaml, 1988). Values Value is low price, customer…show more content…
To satisfied customers is more likely to be loyal customers and it will bring a good return in investment and turnover in business. Fascinating and maintaining customers can be a difficult duty. Customer often confuse with the products and services from which to choose. A customer will purchase a product from retail that offers the highest customer perceived value. The customer assessment of the differences between all the benefits and all the costs of a market offering corresponding to those of competing offers. Usually, customer commonly does not judging value and cost accurately and objectively. They only act on perceived value. Customer Satisfaction Customer satisfaction depends on the product’s perceived performance corresponding to the customer expectation. If there is a decreasing in performance of customer expectations, the customer is dissatisfied and unhappy with the services. When the performance meets with the customer’s expectation, the customer’s will satisfied with the services and if the performance exceed the customer’s expectation, the customer’s will be more pleased and joy and also it will reflect more profit in business turnover. The suitable model of customer value has become an important factors in sustain and maintain customers and an important aspects in most business strategy. According to (Khalifa, A.S. (2004), it is consider

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