Teak Furniture Research

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1.0 Introduction Nowadays, the youth don’t know about the teak furniture. Growth teak trees may need to take time at least 10-20 years to get a high quality teak wood products to be used. Therefore, teak products increasingly marginalized. Besides that, teak furniture is also known as luxury items because the price of the product is more expensive. In addition, less attractive design also makes the young people do not know about it. With the younger generation in KPTM KL, we will obtain knowledge about teak products in this research. In teak furniture research, we can know about how many students at KPTM KL know about the teak furniture. This is because, not all students know about the teak furniture, the function, the prices, the quality or…show more content…
Teak from Burma, India, Thailand and Laos. Teak is one of popular tree in Malaysia and the teak is a one producing high and the high quality wood. Large tree, straight trunk, can grow up to 30-40 m high. Large-leaved, which fall in the dry season. The name is derived from the word thekku in Malayalam, the other language in the state of Kerala in southern India. The scientific name is Tectona grandis teak. Teak most widely spread in Asia. In addition to the four home countries and Indonesian teak, teak developed as plantations in Sri Lanka (since 1680), China (early 19th century), Bangladesh (1871), Vietnam (early 20th century), and Malaysia (1909). The prices very expensive not all people can buy the Teak to be a furniture at the home. In the Teak Furniture, I want to do the research about Teak Furniture at students at Kolej Poly Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur (KPTM KL). It is because, I want to know how many student know about teak furniture, the function, and at the house use the teak furniture or not? In this research, we can know how many students at KPTM KL know about the teak furniture or not. In the last at the research we can know about the percentage how many students know about teak…show more content…
"When called oak, the public needs to know that he is a contributor to quality timber in the world. This tropical plant is known for having beautiful wooden results, durable, resistant to pests and weather."(Bernama, 2012) According to the article above, teak is one of the most expensive and the quality teak wood which is also the most good. But whether the younger generation know about the use of teak wood. Maybe they just know the teak is only possible as a decoration in home and landscape only. But teak has a wide usage, starting at the roots, branches, and until the leaves. “Another important factor is the cause of the wood became expensive that the number of requests, because teak is renowned for its quality, which include strength, durability, beauty and ease of workmanship and quality is the edge of the wood, because it is not available in the type of other timber.” (Harfam,

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