Persuasive Essay On Child Abuse

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Child abuse is a vile act that an adult does to children who they sense power over, the abuser is normally an adult who has powerful presence of their victim, the perpetrator can be a father, step-father, uncle. Most people believe that its only men who can carry this offence against children but history has told us that women have also over the years, History has taught us that women have either due the act or they have helped their men to commit, by either helping to kidnap their victim or helping or planning the victim’s ordeal. Child abuse can be many things sexual activity against a child, severe torture like burns and whipping, bruises and punching on the head and chest, this is can be deadly on the younger child and babies, as their…show more content…
You need to be sensitive to their ordeal as they will have a mistrust, guilt and shame, the child needs to be assured that by speaking they are not doing anything wrong, and that the only person who has is the person who has committed these offences. But you should not attack the abuser as they could think that their feelings are romantic and they might try and protect them, as they feelings will be confused. The best way to proceed would be to contact the police and they will have a specialised child protection unit who have specially trained to talk with victims of all areas of child abuse, and they will video tape the conversation, which will be held in a special decorated room. There are a few legislations which are for the protection of children, the sexual offences act 2003 which forbids a person to have sex with a boy and a girl under the age of sixteen unless permission of a legal guardian has been given, but it leaves children between the ages 12 – 16 not protected against their

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