Cultural Diversity In Australia Essay

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Introduction The purpose of this report is to examine how cultural diversity is exemplified within Australian society. As well as study, how the representation of Australia’s multi-cultural civilisation is viewed through Australian free to air television. Assessments will be made between research on this subject as well as via the results provided from surveys. Procedure The following text has been formed by the use of research from valid sources, such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Australian Society. Additionally a survey was produced to collect informative understandings along with personal opinions on themes of cultural diversity on free to air TV. These surveys were completed by 20 people of mixed ages and cultural backgrounds.…show more content…
An additional one fifth (20%) had parents of different cultural backgrounds. Subsequently, within the course of 100 years, since the past National Census in 2011, immigrants have formed a large constituent of the Australian population. Generally, a lot of of these migrants are from Europe, nevertheless, there are progressively more Australians, of which have been born in varying nations. Configurations of immigration have been exhibited by the temperament of Australia having such an abundantly diverse society. This diversity is acknowledged through Australia’s variability in dialects, faiths, descents and origins, which has essentially been reported by Australians themselves. Added information on Australia’s visual and bodily diversity has been recorded in detail within Australia’s census,…show more content…
Do you need to be Caucasian or can you be of any race?’ answers such as “yes! You can be of any race. But sometimes 2nd or 3rd generations of migrants feel more at home (and a part of it) than their parents” tended to be the generalisation of most opinions. Everyone asked, seemed inclined to note how if you are of any background or ethnicity, it is okay, once you live in Australia or have legal citizenship you are considered Australian. There is a real acceptance in Australians that if you have the belief you are an Australian, than therefore you are one no matter your

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