Multicultural Diversity

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Currently, globalization brings a huge cultural and linguistic difference between western and eastern education. In order to seek for the best method to suit the contemporary education system, people have begun to consider the ways to achieve of the best education standards. People have started to analyze the advantages and the shortcomings of education under a wide range of cultural backgrounds. This essay is about cultural diversity at western universities and will focus on three main topics: attention to the definition of cultural diversity, the differences in cultural milieus and the curriculum for students. Paying attention to the definition of cultural diversity helps universities enhance their educator’s interpretations of multicultural…show more content…
The Student can gain a lot of enlightenment about how to live in a peaceful multicultural society from these new perspectives. It is extremely crucial for students to think clearly about different ethnic groups, customs, cultures and language. One famous course is highly recommended in many Western countries. It is called color-blind perspective. It is a kind of paradigm which sees the racial, ethnic background as irrelevant, and also assumes that the effect of training all the individuals will effectively erase the biases and the injustices. (Solomon & Levine-Rasky, 2003). Color-blind policies endeavor to treat all students the same but may end up contributing to the perpetuation of injustices (Ghosh & Abdi, 2004). With the help of the similar approaches, students are able to learn how to solve cultured issues, and can bring students strong accomplishment with their study.…show more content…
There is no denying that educators in the educational institutions should pay as much time as possible to consider what is the best way of teaching a class with multicultural students, and treat them equally rather biasedly. For the first solution that paying attention to the definition of cultural diversity helps universities enhance their educator’s interpretations of multicultural education and the way of teaching students. As for the second solution, strengthening the acceptance of difference in students by taking the multicultural education courses will contribute to the university and student. The third one, which is also the recommended on, is to get some fundamental perspective to let them avoid offending the other students. Because more and more international students are attending western universities, these three solutions will help university to attempting for a better learning

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