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In the winter, people always feel very lazy about getting up and moving to do their daily workouts. Like humans, the cars also feels the same way. If your car won't start in the cold winter, then the best solution is to prepare them to deal with the cold temperatures that the winter weather brings. There are many reasons are responsible to affect the car in freezing temperatures and face many difficulties to start. Generally, the cold winter makes the motor oil thicken that can later cause strain and creates unnecessary friction within the engine as well as affect the performance of your car battery. By carefully reading the below points you can learn the best possible ways to start your car in cold weather. Inspect The Car Parts Make sure…show more content…
As your battery needs to focus on all the energy to start your vehicle, you need to turn off all the electrical accessories such as radio, heather headlights, defroster and windshield wipers. Turn off all the electrical accessories will provide the maximum amperage to your battery and give them a much better favorable surrounding to start the engine. When the engine will start, before turn on all the necessary accessories let them run for a while otherwise it will create risks and kill the battery again. Let it cranks for a bit. But don't hold it for more than 10…show more content…
Another way, if your engine is very close to starting, but the sound is slower than the normal, then also give it a break and try to start it again. In this way, you can give the battery some time to recover and warmed it to gain its power for a bit. If you find that it doesn't start after a few tries, then remove the battery from the car and take it inside to warm it up frequently, after it warms up, place them back in your car and again try to start it. Generally, in winter weather, the batteries take up to 2 hours for warm up completely and for increasing its available

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