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Robert Hayden reflects on his childhood of hardship and emotional instability in his poem “Those Winter Sundays”. The author is the speaker of his essay, but is back to a child living with his father. The poem has fourteen lines, which means it is a sonnet. It also has ten syllables in most of its lines. In this petite essay, I will analyze the true meaning behind the poem “Those Winter Sundays”, and discuss the literary elements Robert Hayden utilized in his poem. The title “Those Winter Sundays” brings a sense of nostalgia, because winter is associated with cold, dreary days. By putting the word “those” in the title, there is a sense of reflection with the author. By also describing Sunday as “Sundays”, one can infer that the author has gone through multiple Sundays that were cold and dreary. These dreary Sundays are significant to the author because the cold hardships that he and his father went through left a big impact on his life.…show more content…
Hayden uses the first person to create a more personal sense in lines such as “I’d wake and hear the cold splintering, breaking / When the rooms were warm, he’d call / and slowly I would rise and dress” (6-8). Usage of the first person is significant because it enables readers to relate to the poem more freely. Moreover, Hayden uses ambiguity in his story. He does not describe the protagonist of the story (himself) in much detail, and instead focuses more on details of the setting and his father. By not giving a lot of information about the protagonist, it makes the reader imagine and create their own sense of how the protagonist is. It also lets the reader relate more to the protagonist, because the reader will most likely imagine the protagonist to something they can relate

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