Truman Capote's A Christmas Memory

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Numerous people have read Truman Capote’s short stories and novels. I chose to read “A Christmas Memory” and “Miriam” and I will compare these two stories in my essay. Many people enjoy reading Capote’s works, as did I. In the next paragraphs I will closely examine the stories and tell the meaning in these stories. As the reader reads “A Christmas Memory” they will realize that Capote used quite a bit of characterization. While there are many characters in the story, there is only two main characters. There are numerous people mentioned in the story, like the people passing by wanting to pay Buddy and his friend for the tree. Also, the people that the friend mentioned to give fruitcakes to. While it is true those people were mentioned in the story, we were never given a name for them. The characters we did get names for were Mr. Haha, Mrs. Haha, the Friend, Buddy, and Queenie. The two main characters were Buddy and his friend. In “Miriam” there is also two main characters and a few others that we don’t know the names of. The main characters are Mrs. H.T. Miller and Miriam. There are others mentions. Mrs. Miller’s husband and the others that live in the apartment.…show more content…
“Imagine a morning in late November” (Capote, Page 11). From this line in “A Christmas Memory” we can tell it is probably cold outside, and the leaves are dead from the cold weather. In “Miriam” Capote also uses details to tell how the weather is. “The snow was fine, falling gently, not yet making an impression on the pavement.” (Capote, Page 10). The reader can tell that it’s also winter time in this story, because it snows in winter time. Truman Capote uses details in his stories to help the reader know what time of year the story is taking

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