Plains Indian Clothing In The Early Day

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In the early days animal skins were often used for clothing by the Plains Indians. Along with that, the Indians liked to decorate and celebrate through their clothing by painting different art designs on it. Plains Indian clothing was made with animal skins such as deer antelope and moose. Women always prepared hides and mended clothing. They wore long dresses, short leggings, and moccasins, while the men wore long shirts, breechcloth, long leggings, a belt, and moccasins. The Indians believed that leggings protected the legs and kept them warm. The dresses that the women wore were made up of hide the draped over the shoulders like ponchos. Ponchos were worn over the shoulders for warmth. In cold weather men put on robes and high boots. Boots were made of buffalo hides and sometime had fur inside to keep them warm during cold weather…show more content…
Belts were made from strips of hide and both men and women wore them. Instead of them having to carry all their supplies, the Indians hung small knives and pouches from their belts. For the Plains Indians, their shoes were called moccasins. Different variations were worn by different tribes, but for the Plains Indians moccasins were made of moose or buffalo hide. The soft-soled moccasins were made of moose hide and the buffalo hide was used for hard-soled moccasins. Mocassins didn’t alway have fur in them but for the winter they had fur inside to keep the Plain Indians feet

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