My Wedding Day

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32 It was the most auspicious and wonderful day of my life. The appointed time for solemnizing the marriage had come. I was sitting on the verandah surrounded by hundreds of young girls and women. They were all waiting for the propitious news to be announced. The bridegroom, Nadim with his marriage party had reached to my place. They were stayed at a near by Madrasa. That religious institution was named after my late grandfather and founded by my family members. At nine in the evening, one person came and broke the news that finally the Nikah ceremony was over. All young girls and women congratulated me heartily. I felt overjoyed and completely out of my sense for sometime. How a few sacred words of the holy Quran and some sayings of prophet Muhammad make a boy or girl tied with the marriage with a new one, forever. I had seen the marriage of my Hindu friends when I was living with my…show more content…
It was like a new journey of my life on which I was going to embark on. Really, a life attached to the vows of marriages is nothing less like that, I thought. I sat in the back seat along with Nadim and soon the car sped off in the direction of his home. Wailing and crying of relatives resonated till I did not go out from my earshot. It was a moonlit night and the road and other things nearby was quite visible. I had seen these things before, but this time, it seemed totally strange to me as I was new to this village. I was lost in my own jumble of thoughts, but what, was hard to discern. I and Nadim had endured a lot to see this vital moment of our lives. Many a time, it looked bleak to be seen united to each other as a husband and wife because of the hassles created by our families. But, finally, the almighty God had heard our voices of hearts and all troubles vanished. We reached within ten minutes of travelling. It was not much far from my house. The road was bumpy and unsmooth, but it was pretty

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