Compare And Contrast The Italian Rationalism And La Tendenza

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The Italian rationalism and “La Tendenza”. The name of Aldo Rossi (1931-1997) is directly connected to the Italian Tendenza, a group of architects and intellectuals, who in the 1960s laid the foundations in which the architecture of the last third of the 20th century was based. In order to better understand the work of Tendenza, a brief review of the Italian Rationalist movement will be given, to conclude to the Neo-rationalism and La Tendenza. The Italian rationalism centered to the particularities of the Italian reality. Specific elements of rationalism adopted and modified through the Italian society. The Italian architects of that time responded to the external influences and started a dialogue with the abstraction, representation and monumentality. The political scene in 1920’s Italy influenced the architecture and the need for a functional building took over the modern movement. In 1926, the architect Giuseppe Terragni with the “Gruppo 7” wrote the manifesto that established the Italian rationalism. Among other things, they emphasized on the association of the past and present and on the modification of…show more content…
His theoretical writings influenced the architects of the trend and revealed the relationship between theory and practice. In the first paragraph of Rossi’s book “La architettura della citta” the notion of Neo-rationalism can be summarized: “By architecture of the city we mean two different things: first, the city seen as a gigantic man-made object, a work of engineering and architecture that is large and complex and growing overtime; second, certain more limited but still crucial aspects of the city, namely urban artifacts, which like the city itself are characterized by their own history and thus by their own form” . Rossi’s approach to neo-rationalism maintained a more autobiographical subjectivity and that led his work less attached to the origin of the Italian

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