Apple Sweatshops: A Social Plan Proposal

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Leonel Teran SMC 2302 Civic Engagement Section F Proposal Essay September 27, 2014 Apple Sweatshops: A Social Plan Proposal Statement of the Problem: Sweatshops are work environment that have three major injustices, long hours, low pay, and unsafe and unhealthy working conditions. In other words, sweatshops are working environments where worker rights are constantly being disrespected. For instance, Apple one of the most valuable brands in the world, the company that has generated more than billion dollar revenue figures for more than 15 years is known to have sweatshops in China and Scotland, where they have labor practice that would be illegal and immoral in the U.S.(4) In 2010, 18 workers jumped to their death off of Apple sweatshop roofs…show more content…
(5) How can we allow this? Why instead of improving the working conditions did factory owners build nets? These sweatshops of China have forced their sweatshop employees to perform numerous tasks that involve utilizing hazardous chemicals, sharp objects and high voltage machines without protection. (5) Suicide incidents in China sweatshops are not the only issue. In 2011, two explosions in the factory killed four and injured 77 others. Additionally, that same year 137 workers were injured after being forced to use a hazardous chemical to clean IPod/IPhone screens. While workers were forced to these laborious and infamous tasks they would be earning on average 70 U.S. cents on a 16 hour shift daily. This means that if the Apple worker wanted to buy an IPad it would take him/her two months’ worth of salary to pay for the cheapest model. What about the workers who are parents? How will they support their families if they don’t even receive the necessary salary for their own survival? Many sweatshops in Scotland, have reported that they are asked to stand for 12 hour shifts with just a 30 minute breaks, for six days a week.…show more content…
Primarily, I will inform the community at once of this issue. Being a student from St. Mary’s University, and working in several non-profit organizations, I will use this advantage. I could start by creating a small organization on campus against sweatshops, as well as another organization in the Hospital I work for. In my school, since they teach us the importance of serving our community and helping others, I am certain that many more students like me will be interested in helping out in this campaign. As for the hospital, it will be the same case since I am surrounded by doctors, nurses, and other health related professionals they are always willing to help people in need. Having these two powerful weapons in my arsenal will help us stop the sweatshop abuse in foreign countries. The purpose of these organizations I will start will be to provide the community with information of how other countries suffer to build and create our smartphones. I can commence this activity by putting flyers around campus stating “Poisonous Iphones” , “ Would you buy a $300 phone while the maker is making $11.25 daily?” By creating these posters I am confident that I would make the St. Mary’s community interested in supporting my anti-Apple campaign. Additionally, I would use social media to help the transmission of my message. I would use Facebook, Instagram, Myspace and other social sites to let people know from all over

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