Essay On City Government

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When contemplating the role government plays in our lives we tend to focus on the federal or state levels, but the smooth operation of our city governments more directly affect our daily lives. For this reason it is necessary to consider which forms of city government will be the most effective in conducting our access to public resources, improving the local economy, and planning for the future. The council-manager system is a common form in city governments. While this form offers the benefits of a more professionally run city, it presents issues with accountability and responsiveness to the individual needs of a community. A council-manager form offers many benefits for the efficiency of a city government. The city manager is a professional…show more content…
City managers are experts in their field and would have a better understanding of the minutes of projects relating to transportation engineering or water resource management. When explaining a potential topic or addressing a concern one could be much more detailed and technical with a city manager than with a mayor. If an engineer is presenting to a mayor he or she must acknowledge that the mayor will not necessarily be familiar with a technical subject. In addition, a mayor is balancing concerns of effective city administration with pleasing constituents, who most likely do not have knowledge of the technicalities of a subject nor the long term effects of certain policies. I, personally, would prefer presenting to a city manager since he or she would have a better grasp of the complexities that are inherent in issues such as zoning and property income. The various forms of city government each have their benefits and detractions. While a council-manager form may be more advantageous for an engineer interacting with an administration, the unique needs of a community must be considered to find its optimal form of
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