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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 I am conducting the research of child rape because I would like to be aware of the statistics concerning child rape in South Africa. I would like to understand why so many children now days are being raped and why so many cases have not been reported to the police. If this certain criminal activity is been reported to the police I would also like to know how it is being responded to and being resolved. 1.2 Rape is any unwanted sexual physical activity done to an individual forcefully, occurring publically or privately. The human rights violation taking place is child rape and this is a very concerning issue in South Africa because child rape can be caused by sexual, physical or psychological harm done by males or females forcefully towards a child. This type of abuse can also be found in a school, within the family and in the community. The impacts…show more content…
A person who exposes their genital organs or breasts to a child with or without their permission is guilty of displaying genital organs, breasts or anus to a child. • “Rape and compelled rape (ss 3-4)” Any person who is involved in an act of sexual penetration without the permission of that person is guilty of the offense of rape. Any person who is responsible for involving a third person in the act of sexual penetration without their permission is guilty of the offence of compelled rape. 3. DATA GATHERING / INTERVIEWS 1. Do people know their human rights and when they are being violated? 2. what factors lead to child rape? 3. does the government support affected

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