Advantages And Limitations Of Globalization

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In this article, its introduction mainly introduces about the theory and evidence of globalization and international trade. The author’s conclusion is that globalization is an advancing process. However, domestic bias is still a hindrance of the process of globalization and international trade. This article is highly reliable because it origins from “Research Gate”, which is a website with database of books and journals for scientific and medical research. The strengths of this article is that it includes comprehensive information and data, which means it is more authoritative and convincing. On the contrary, this article still has limitations like there could be more features of the trade network, however, there are only some of them in this…show more content…
Human Resource Management is responsible for hiring people and arrange people to their specific position. There is a growing shortage of demand for talents globally. The conclusion of the article is that the globalization started because of several reasons such as the lack of talents in developing countries, global market forces and technological forces. This article is very reliable because “Science Journal Publication” is an organization which provide students information and resources of science journals in many aspects. The strength of this article is that it is not too long, but it is easy for reader to understand. It is also divided into several parts for different aspects and explained specifically. However, there are still some limitations of this article. For example, it is still lack of some other related information and should have more examples. The research method it used is to get related data and analyze it. It also refers to other experts’ perspectives. This article relates to my topic because it talks about international trade and the globalization. It also talks about the impact of globalization. I used this article because it explains clearly that help me understand easier and it includes many useful

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