Child Molester: Three Types Of Punishment

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In this essay I am going to be suggesting three type of punishment child molesters deserve. Child Molester is any older child or adult who touches a child for his or her own sexual gratification. Child molestation is the act of sexually touching a child. A child is a girl or boy who is 13 years of age or younger. I assume that children should not pass through this kind of things that they are passing through. We as adults are people who should have an excellent relationship with children so that we can teach them what is right and not take advantage of them like the child molesters are doing in this days. So for this reason I am writing three type of punishment this people deserve in live. One of the punishment child molester deserve is to be sited in an electric chair. The molester should not get the chance to repeat the crime. Once should be more than enough. This type of person’s need to be sited in an electric chair so that they can learn their lesson of their live to never go and harass a child. Since a child is the future of tomorrow. However in the article I read it say that Kenrick Bowman has molested more than a dozen very young boys. So for this…show more content…
Child molester deserve to be hang in front of public. So that the rest of people can see what are the kind of punishment done to the child molesters. However by doing this the rest of child molesters would stop because they would not what to be hang or simply they would not want to die and by doing this we would get rid of child molesters. By getting rid of child molesters less children life would be destroyed. I know that if this punishment would had exist Kenrick Bowman would have not molested more than a dozen young boys because he would be afraid of being hang. These people deserve that kind of punishment because they are destroying innocent live that are starting to live. Uncertainly for this reason I suggest that child molester deserve to be

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