Essay On Child Neglect

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In the part of the study is the synthesis of research that supports this topic of neglected children when you see them, they may be malnourished, always sick, or never at school. Neglect comes in different forms such as physical and emotional, and more girls suffer than boys, with younger children neglected most. In this study advocates the protection of children because nowadays, abuse and neglected children is in high rank issue in any part of the world. Children who are abuse and neglected are being protected by some agencies that will cater their needs and to protect them from abuser. Children cannot defend themselves because they have this kind of thoughts that because they are still a child, they have no rights to protect their selves (C.H, J. Franket, 2009). Child neglect factors are usually correlated and or co-occurring with other issues (Allin, Wathen& MacMillan, 2005; Connell-Carrick, 2003; Harder, 2005; Hearn, 2011). Some of the neglected and abandoned children live in the area where they can feel the belongingness which is their friends. Not…show more content…
When the neglected children become parents soon, they will be known as neglecting parents. Neglecting parents will interact less with their children, engage in less verbal instruction and play behavior, show less affection and are involved in more negative interactions with their children, for example verbal aggression. If parents were neglected as children meaning they have learned this neglectful behavior which for them is a norm which results in neglecting their own children. Family size can also contribute to neglect because if the parents have several children, they can’t provide all the basic necessities in order to survive and they can’t focus well in taking care of their children and it is one of the reasons why neglected children are finding their comfort and love outside their family members. (Barnett et al., p
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