Oswald Lamberg Short Story

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Oswald Lamberg woke up in the afternoon of January 31, the day before his thirtieth birthday. In the night, the necromancers would start the celebration for Imbolc, and so, as usual, the knights had to check that nothing unpleasant happened. The sunlight was filtering through the drawn curtains; he got out of bed and stretched. He hated sleeping during the day, but he had to stick to his schedule if he didn’t want to get drowsy during the long hours of the night shift. He entered the bathroom and glanced at his disfigured appearance in the mirror. He put the shaving cream only on the right side of his face, since there was no need for it on the other side: his scar prevented the hair from growing back. Even if he had never cared about his appearance…show more content…
“The orders are of simple surveillance. When the Sons of Hecate are doing their celebrations, we don’t have to disturb them, unless something irregular happens. A knight always keeps his word.” “Another boring night,” said Claus who cared very little about something that wasn’t himself. Russell gave them the flashlights and ordered them to spread. Oswald had to go with Claus. He wasn’t exactly the best partner but he wasn’t a liability like Phil had become after Joshua’s death. They entered the woods, pointing their lights among trees and bushes. The night was quiet and cold; they could only hear the rustling leaves and some occasional night creature. “This is pointless,” whispered Claus. “The necromancers will just gather in circle, lit up a fire and chant their songs, then go home. And each year we end up with the fucking pneumonia.” “We still need to keep an eye on them, especially around the river,” replied Oswald. “Now just shut that hole and follow me.” Claus followed, but flipping him the bird while he wasn’t looking. Oswald stopped after a while, motioning to Claus to turn off the light. Not so far away, among the dark and bare trees, they could see an orange

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