Essay On Causes Of Rape

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The estimated number of forcible rapes in the United States has dramatically increased from just over thirty-seven thousand in 1970, to more than ninety thousand in the year 2000 and continues to increase from there. This massive number is horrible in and of itself, but with such a dramatic increase some began to believe that there has to be an increase of causes for rape to match the increase in the number of rapes. Many found this reason to be something pertaining to the victim. These “reasons” could include attire, behavior, or even location. The blame began to be placed on the victim because of decisions that she had made; this process needs to end. Tori Amos’, founder of RAINN, actively fights this process of victim-blaming and acts as…show more content…
The first to be educated on the actual causes of rape, not the supposed causes brought on by the rape, should be law enforcement officers; they should also be informed on the after effects of victim blaming and its prevalence. A police member would be able to discuss the topic with the victim and the victim’s family which could prevent the victim from suffering the psychological issues associated with victim blaming. A police squadron that is knowledgeable on the topic would also be less likely to blame the victim themselves and more likely to work diligently to solve cases and provide justice for the victims. A hotline operator whose subjects relates to sexual violence should be educated on the prevalence and effects of blaming the victim as well as methods of preventing the victim from blaming themselves. There should also be an expert available to speak with support groups of and for victims of sexually violent crimes that could help the victims who have been blamed understand that the person who caused the rape or assault is the perpetrator not the
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