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Introduction The following report explore Fiona Wood's contribution to the invention of Spray-on Skin technique in Plastic Surgery discipline and I will evaluate her contribution in Plastic Surgery. I will cover the Plastic Surgery boundaries and compare the state of knowledge now and before Spray-on Skin was introduced. I will also discuss how it change plastic surgery knowledge and evaluate Fiona Wood and her achievement. Biography Fiona Wood was born in Yorshire, England and undertook her medical degree in London. She later specialised in the discipline of Plastic Surgery in Perth, Australia when she moved there with her husband. Wood now heads a burns unit at the Royal Perth Hospital in Western Australia. Plastic Surgery is broadly…show more content…
In the past, skin graft was widely used to treat burn patients by cutting off skin from a part of the body and meshed it over the wound to allow it to recover. (Dennis C 2005). Another method was laboratory-based tissue expansion techniques to skin. Cultural Epithelial Autograph (CEA) uses confluent cell sheets that consist predominantly of keratinocytes for culturing in the laboratory. The culturing of skin cells to confluent cell sheets in a culture flask from a non-differentiated cell of the patient's body would normally take between 21 days which is a long time in medical terms as healing a burn wound needs to quick to prevent…show more content…
Her instinct decision on her method works on human is debatable. A lot of medical decisions are made using evidence-based medicine but doctors do engage in intuitive medicine. It is a process of non- linear thinking and the cultivation of a sixth sense. And, while I appreciate it can approximate to professional paternalism at times, that is not the doctor's intention. As long as he or she is empathetic, listens well and engages in shared decision-making, a doctor can incorporate medical intuition to benefit the patient.( Houston, 2015) The flexibility in medical practice is showing of empathy towards patient hence, doctor should find the balance between following the protocol and looking after patients'

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