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Kenney Morales Prof Peters English-101 “Homelessness” Imagine being in a big city walking to your destination, and amongst the crowded street you notice a man. He isn’t walking, just sitting down out of sight. He doesn’t make a sound. However, he stands out the most out of everyone else. As you pass you see a cardboard sign with the writing asking for money in the corner of your eye. Even with his unpleasant smell or unmaintained facial hair/long hair yet he it seems as if he is invisible. So many people pass by him still they walk on with their day as if nothing even happened. They just look at him with either pity or disgust even both. Sometimes people experience things in their life that often force them to lose everything…show more content…
First, people feel that they don’t have to worry about someone constantly being in their personal space it incites a feeling of comfortability. They can walk around their house wearing whatever they see fit even if it is pajamas or without makeup they don’t have to be worried about being seen. Secondly they should be able to have a place of their own whether it’s a place to do homework, talk on the phone, or even just be left alone without disturbance. Certain homeless people feel a certain sense of privacy when people walk right past them and pay no mind to them. In Barbara Lazear Ascher’s essay “On Compassion” she depicts the scenario where six people completely ignore a homeless man “The others on the corner, five men and women waiting for the crosstown bus, look away. They daydream a bit and gaze into the weak rays of November light.”(2) It’s almost as if he was invisible to the people, and in that respect many people enjoy the feeling that nobody is watching them. Lastly, home is a place where you’re not under the stress that you’re being monitored, such as at work. Many people feel like they are constantly micromanaged or someone is always interfering in what ever it is they may be doing and that they can’t do anything on their own so when they go home they don’t have to worry about a watchful eye constantly telling them what to

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