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Color In Egypt In Ancient Egypt, color was being of everything in life. The color was a clue to the substance or e hearth of the matter. In Egypt, color was a symbolic. The color of each individual animal are differentiate each individual beast. The color green are mean new life, life producing behavior. Osiris was often describe with green skin and also referred to as “The Great Green”. The green malachite also referred as a symbol of joy and the land of blessed dead. The Eye of Horus amulet was commonly made of green stone as well. The Color of red mean color of life and victory. During the celebration, Egyptian would paint their body with red sienna and would wear amulets mode of agate, a deep red stone. Red color also a symbol of angle and fire. A person who acted with red heart was filled with rage. Red…show more content…
The characteristic is Eloquence, Strength, Fairness and responsibility. Among other thing, Thoth also responsible for the lunar calendar. The bull is represent the god of Osiris. The attributes are power, fertility and regeneration. The cat represent the god of Bastet. The attributes are protector, defender and childbirth. Cat were thought the most important divine power. They also seen as protective of their offspring. The cow is represent the god Isis. The attributes are female fertility. These Goddesses are represent the cow ear and horn. The cow also is a symbol of pharaoh mother. The cobra is represent the god of wadjet. The attributes are Justice, fertility, royalty and protection. Snake in Egypt are symbols of resurrection and a giant snake are called Methen. It guarded the sacred boat of Re. The Jackal (Dog) is represent the god of Anubis. The attributes are Fainess, judgment and guide. Anubis was the god of embalming and was given the title of “opener of the ways”, performing the Opening of the ceremony. Anubis also weighed the heart of dead

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