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Benefits of the Performing Arts 93% of Americans agreed that the arts are extremely important in a good education for your child. There have been many studies on if the arts have any effect on the academic performance of a student. In one study it was shown that by the ages of 24-32 there was a 29% higher chance of students who were once involved with the arts to get a four year college degree than students who were not. In another study it was seen that some arts can help students in other arts. For example, having experience in band can benefit children in dance because they will have already have practice counting to the beat of music. All of the arts have different and similar skills that are learned from participating in them. The performing arts have many positive attributes such as higher creativity level, teamwork skills, and elevated self confidence. The Performing arts enhance creative thinking. The performing arts create the chance to express yourself in a character or scene. Theatre gives students the chance to create their own style. In auditions children want to stand out and play the character in their own way. Creative problem solving skills are another way that creative thinking is used. Students learn to figure out how to…show more content…
Creativity is something that makes children stand out and be remembered. The performing arts are an effective way to help students find who they are and express themselves. Working with others can sometimes be a hard skill to master, the performing arts teach kids that teamwork is essential to success. With the performing arts, they require a lot of confidence to perform in front of an audience. Having practice with getting out of your comfort zone can be very beneficial. In the end, the performing arts have so many positive effects on people and they are worth trying

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