Essay On Being Lazy

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At some point in our lives, we have all experienced that need to just relax and be lazy. But just as we are about to sit back and enjoy our laziness, we remember that since childhood, almost every adult figure in our lives have warned us about the terrible sin of being lazy. Sloth, the seventh deadly sin that keeps you from becoming the person you could be. It is laziness and escape from exerting due effort. Whatever we do requires effort. Everything we do is to be a means of salvation. Due to the modern technology invasion in our society today, I am one of those people who made laziness a habit. I tend to always say “Unya nko magbuhat ani kay taas pa bitaw ang time” but in the end I always end up cramming because I wasted a lot of time just by sitting and doing unproductive things – opening social networking sites, texting, lying down and etc. It really affects my life as a student. I don’t care anymore about time management, I forgot to do my tasks, and I have low scores. It made a really big change in my life. I am a consistent honor student since elementary until now. The effect of being too much lazy had a great impact on my performance and grades. I made my own life miserable by neglecting what I am supposed to do and welcoming the temptations. Making my parents proud is one of my…show more content…
Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of”. It made me realize that life is made out of time. I am born, I live and someday I will die. The time span between my birth and my death encompasses all my life here on earth. Life is short. No matter how long a person will live, life will flew us by. We all have limited amount of time in our lives. To do what we want to enjoy life, to build, create, learn and love. So, time is precious and should not be wasted. If I love my life, I should not squander time – this is what I always bear in
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