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When working with animals hazards can occur. These hazards can be dangerous to both humans and also to the animal itself, but with knowledge of these hazards they can be easily avoided, keeping both the people and animals in the area safe. Bites and Scratches: Bites and Scratches are one of the most common hazards when working with animals. A person can be bitten by an aggressive or even and animal that is afraid. Also when handling animals, whether they are frightened, aggressive or over excited the handler can be easily scratched. It is important that the person handling and restraining animals is trained to do so and also has some knowledge of first aid, if these hazards should occur. Within the kennel area there are mostly dogs and cats either boarding there or have been taken in for an operation. It…show more content…
They get their food by drinking blood from their host. Fleas can only survive on animals and not humans, but they can travel onto humans and bite them. They travel by jumping from host to host. If bitten by a flea the area will become itchy inflamed and reddened. The best treatment for a flea bite is the use of anti-histamine cream. • Scabies: These are tiny spiderlike mites that are highly contagious. They can be transmitted by direct contact and through contaminated grooming equipment and even kennels. The symptoms in people can be an itchy rash, commonly found at the belt line. This rash is formed by insects that have transferred from a dog or cat onto the human. Luckily they do not live on human skin for longer than three weeks. • Mites: These are small highly contagious parasitic organisms. Humans can be bitten by them if they come into contact with an infected dog. Mite bites usually occur around the hairline, hands, and ankles. The best treatment for mite bites is hydrocortisone or calamine cream, as they help to bring down the inflammation and also treat the

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