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Have you ever seen the distruction from a volcano, or wanted to know which was the biggest volcano eruption in history? In this essay, I will be sharing with you all kinds of information about volcanoes. First we have to understand volcanoes before we start talking about the destruction or benefits they create. A volcano is a geological breach in the earths surface made by the forces of nature. They (volcanoes) are made up of gases and hot liquid known as magma. These gases, which I will talk about later, and hot liquid form what is known as a magma chamber in the earths crust. The pressure and temperature in the interior of the earth force the magma up and out of the volcano through its orifice, also known as a vent in the crater.…show more content…
Composite volcanoes, shield volcanoes, and dome volcanoes. Composite volcanoes are steep sided cone shaped volcanoes. They are formed from layers of ash, rock, and lava flows. Composite volcanoes can rise over 8,000 feet. When they erupt, they are very explosive. They threaten lives, properties, wildlife, and plants. Shield volcanoes stand low with sloping sides. They are formed by lava. The shield volcanoes only bring harm to property and plants, not people. Dome volcanoes have very steep sides, much steeper than shield volcanoes. The lava is thick and sticky. It don't get very far before it cools and hardens. Out of the three, the composite volcano is the most…show more content…
As one can tell by its name, a super volcano produces 1,000 km^3 on average. The average size of an ash cloud is 62.2 miles.Of which the majority of ash falls within 6 miles of the volcano. While the average supervolcanoes ash cloud is 240 miles. There have been many supervolcanoes. Supervolcanoes erupt less often usually the eruptions are hundreds of housands of years apart. The largest eruption in history was a supervolcano. This occured at Yellowstone National Park about 2.2 million years ago. It produced 2,500 hm^3 nearly 600 cubic miles of

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