Why Should Government Regulate The Internet

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"Social media and the internet are the most prominently used services in the lives of Americans today, and I believe it is something that should not be interfered with by our government on any level. Our government should never have the power to regulate what we see or do not see on the internet. This is true for three main reasons: first, once the government starts to control social media and internet content, they will be able to filter the news and will make decisions on what they feel society “should” or “wants to hear.” We are protected by freedom of speech under the first amendment, and the government would essentially be taking away that freedom. By attempting to control internet content, they would not only weaken our citizens but would allow the government, if corrupt, to dominate our world and have unlimited authority in this area of our lives. If those in power are corrupt, their dominance of internet content would be disastrous. The second reason is that the power of regulation should be in the hands of the internet companies providing the service. Many of these companies already have procedures in place to monitor their sites; government interference is not necessary. The third reason is that while a counterclaim may be that those looking to harm our country would be more easily caught through the filtration of social media, we fail to recognize that communication has gone on by terrorists and those with ill intent long before social media…show more content…
Many people today are being brainwashed on both sides of the political spectrum, and a key to understanding the world around us is the internet. The internet provides us with access to anything that we care to research, and that right should never be taken away. Government dominance would go against the very principle this great nation was founded upon: the power of the

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