Third Crusade Dbq

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The Third Crusade, also known as The King’s Crusade, took place in the year from 1189 until 1192. The Third Crusade started because of the want to take back the Holy Land, Jerusalem. King Richard I was a very important and ambitious military commander during the Third Crusade, the Turks were reckless, yet valorous, and the Christian-Muslim relationship at the time was not positive. King Richard was viewed in a very positive way by his men. Some even viewed him as “the most brilliant crusader tactician” (Tristano). He did not just send his men out and tell them what to do, he also helped. “...he had himself carried there on silken cushions. From this position he worked a crossbow, in the management of which he was very skillful…” (The Itinerary of Richard, 1). Not only…show more content…
The Turks were also both of those. As described in the text, “the Turks recklessly rushed forward for vengeance, and, just as though energetic action were a cure for pain, showed themselves so bold that it seemed as if they feared neither darts nor any other missile” (The Itinerary of Richard, 1). That quote alone shows how tireless and fearless they were. We can see again how powerful they were when the author went on to say, “Never has there been such a people as these Turks for prowess in war” (The Itinerary of Richard, 2). By saying that, the author meant that they were very skilled and brave. Although they were powerful and relentless fighters, they were not that good of people. The author of this went on to say, “the accused Turks had overthrown the altars, torn clown and battered holy crosses” (The Itinerary of Richard, 4). Not only did that show how insensitive they were, but it also showed the Christian-Muslim hostility at the time. I account for this description by seeing that the author did want to give them credit for how skillful they were at war, but that he also wanted to show how they were as

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