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Leadership is a quality that not a lot of people have, but for the people who do, they go and do great things for the world. Some of the well-known human-beings that did out right good things for the world are Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and the most well-known leader that everyone should know is Adolf Hitler. There are people in the world do not think they are great because they only hear the bad things about the stuff each one of those people have done and not the good things they have done. Leadership takes a people who has a emotional control rather than someone that gets weak when time gets hard and they give up. When the country is in a war these leaders do not run away and hid and wait for the war to end but they just simply do…show more content…
One skill that winston has is vision and he is not afraid of telling his followers. Having the quality skill of vision they can think about all the possibilities of getting out of a situation. Even though winston came from a family of riches, he worked hard for what he has done. When he got older he decided to travel the British Empire has a soldier while writing everything done. He published five books by the age of 26. Winston became the prime minister and he warned America about the Soviet Union. Winston had the ability to become a great leader because of his father. Those who pay attention to their leader will soon enough be able to do the same thing as their leader when they pass it down unto us. He was also a military leader and a statesman. He lead a successful allied with the United States and the Soviet Union. He was elected twice for the prime minister from 1940-1945 and again in 1951-1955. Adolf Hitler threatened Churchill but Churchill did not see the threat made by him and Hitler soon surrendered and Churchill won against the Nazis. King George Vl told churchill that he is a prime minister and minister of defense, shortly after becoming minister of defense him and his army went and invaded the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. Two days later they were standing alone while being in France. He hated the Nazis so he kept a good strong foundation while the united and Soviet

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