Personal Narrative: Short Story: Anna Harmer

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"MISSING, Anna Harmer, age nine $5000 reward". Sarah stared agonized at the tatty sodden flyer until her vision went blurry, she blinked clearing her view, bringing her back to this intolerable reality. She teared her eyes away from the weathered image of her little girl. Memories of her last summer invaded Sarah's thoughts. An image of Anna skipping along the beach without hindrance under the glowing rays of the sun. Kicking up thick clouds of golden sand as she made off to join in a game of volley ball with the other children. Sarah had always been so proud of Anna, She was kind clever and exceptionally understanding for a girl of her age. Her crystal blue eyes reminded Sarah of her husband, George, and her rich brown hair of her self.…show more content…
He ran his ageing hand through his dark hair, where now flecks of silver were visible. his deep blue eyes which once ignited a flame of passion between them , looked insanely troubled. He looked up towards her with tired eyes. how she longed for this to be over. How she craved a normal happy life again. "there's another letter." he breathed. Sarah dropped her bag and hurried over to George where he stood holding a piece of paper in his hand. They hadn't even reached the sofa before they had started reading anxiously, feeling every word like a knife through their chests. The letter read: "Dear mummy and daddy, this is my third letter now,i'm scared of what will happen to me. It's really dark where I am and i'm very cold. Please mummy, please come and get me, i'm missing you, daddy and Pinky so much. I wish I could see you and Pinky again. I love you both please give Pinky a kiss from me, love Anna xxxxx" George steadied his wife's trembling hands that gripped the paper as her legs failed and Sarah sank into the soft cream couch. She sobbed into George's chest as he stroked her hair and reread the letter his lower lip trembling. "darling have you seen this?" he murmured after a while. "she got the cat's name

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