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Dalian is located at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in Liaoning province, is located in the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea, back on the hinterland of Northeast China, and Shandong Peninsula across the sea. It is an important economic, trade, port, industry and tourist city on the east coast of china. Dalian has a long history, as early as 6000 years ago, the ancestors developed the Dalian. Dalian has excellent environment. Dalian has "window of the northeast", "Pearl of the north", "romantic capital". Dalian is the window of Northeast China's opening to the outside world and the largest port city. Dalian has won international garden city, China's best tourist city, national environmental protection model city and other honors. Dalian…show more content…
Blue skies and silky waters, green mountains and unique rocks, and all the natural beauty creates a picturesque coastal landscape. Tiger Beach Ocean Park has been accredited as one of the AAAAA class scenic spots of the first group in China and become China's well-established tourist brand. The ocean-theme modern park has a perfect combination of a display of sea creatures, marine animal performance, recreation and animal knowledge. It has the international top-level Pole-aquarium, Coral hall, Marine mammal world and the country wide famous bird-singing woods, Carved tiger square, and so on[1]. Liaoning Dalian Golden Pebble Beach is a national scenic spot, a national tourist resort, a national AAAAA class tourist attractions, a national geological park. Golden Pebble Beach area land area of 62 square kilometers, sea area of 58 square kilometers, three sides, cool and pleasant climate, has 3-9 million years of geological wonders, it is honored as "divine Sculpture Park". The main attractions are the bathing beach, the golden edge Park, the National Geopark, the golden wax museum, the Discovery Kingdom and so
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