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So your thinking about going fishing? It is one of the most rewarding and peaceful outdoor sports, whether you're fishing solo, with your friends, or enjoying it with family. Its also a great way to enjoy the life of the outdoors, and become close to nature with a number of many different fish. As you begin your first fishing trip I will help you in choosing the perfect gear, helping you decide on the best fishing spot so you can catch all the fish you want, and everything else you need to know before you set off on your fishing adventure. Your next step on your journey is to purchase a fishing license. You can get your fishing license either at your local bait shop, or even your local Wal-mart. There is usually a $10.00 fee, so be prepared…show more content…
You will have the best luck catching many different types of fish at a pond, the sound, or a public lake. I enjoy fishing at the beach since I live so close to it. For some great fishing tips talk to the local fishermen at your local sporting goods store like TWs or a local marina, they will most likely tell you what they are catching and where to catch the fish at. Keep in mind when you pick a place to fish at that the water is deep, and that the deep water meets the shallow water. Most big fish will spend most of their day swimming in the deep water, and when they are hungry they will travel into the shallows to feed. If you plan on eating your fish, make sure the water you are fishing in is clean, and if you don't plan on eating them simply release them back into the…show more content…
The best way to get started is a simple clinch know, its one of the easiest knots as a beginner. "The first thing you're going to need to do is thread the line through the eye of the hook or lure. Now, holding the loose end against the standing line, twist the hook or lure 7-10 complete rotations. Next, hold the hook to make sure it doesn't untwist and take the loose end and put it through the very first loop above the eye of the hook. Now that your holding the loose end tightly against your hook or lure, pull the standing line and the hook in opposite directions. The twists should tighten into small coils. Make sure the coils don't overlap as you pull, they must go one over another or the knot will not be as strong.If the coils do not overlap, pull it the rest of the way tight. Then trim off the loose end and you should have this as your final product." Unknown. By making sure your bait doesn't drift off you will need to attach your bobber by attaching your line to the bottem and the top hook of the bobber, and make sure it is about 6 inches above your hook. All you need to do now is bait your hook, and by doing that you will need to grab your bait and work the hook through it atleast 3

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