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Why do people fish? Why would anyone get up at five a.m and trudge out to a lake or pond just to sit there are stare at water all day? Anyone with this mind set has clearly never been fishing before. If fishing was just a hardship, not nearly as many people would participate in the activity. Fishing is a relaxing, satisfying hobby, that truly anyone can enjoy. There is nothing quite as relaxing as fishing. It's true for most people getting up early can be a chore, but the experience of fishing in the morning is well worth it. Siting at the shore of a body of water as the sun rises over the horizon, its warming rays cascade the land and transition the world from night to morning. Nature returns to life, the birds start chirping, the bugs start…show more content…
At this time the world is in a fragile, peaceful state, where all the woes of the world are gone, anyone not relaxed and humbled by a world reborn is either paying too little attention or too much. Equally relaxing as a reviving world is a world lost in time. In the many travels a Fisherperson takes occasionally he or she will run into a place that seems to be devoid of life. An area where there are no birds singing, no bugs flying, or any fish biting, besides the obvious vegetation, the area is silent and motionless, but silence is golden. Getting away from the noise of a crowded city or town is almost a rarity nowadays, who can't relate to embracing a period of silent isolation? Even if the calming silence is broken at least it will…show more content…
Anyone that has fished before understands that waiting is half the battle. No matter how good an angler's gear and no matter how much he or she has prepared, if the man or women with the fishing pole in hand lacks patience then they are fighting a losing battle. Every Fisherperson that manages to find patience is now faced with a new dilemma, the anticipation. Waiting for a fish to even bite can be a long battle and every Fisherperson has some level of anticipation because they can never be 100% sure when the fish are going to bite, how big they will be, or even what type of fish it will be. Once the fish has taken the bait it puts up a fight, even the smaller fish can be a hassle, but once the fish is brought in the anticipation is broken and no matter how big or small some amount of satisfaction rolls over the person who caught it as they hold their prize high. Of course the small fish aren't why most people fish, most fantasize and hunt for that big fish, the one that will break a previous record. The whole fishing process is so much more enjoyable when reeling in a fish takes all energy a human has, the anticipation while reeling in the potential behemoth is multiplied by ten and of course that satisfaction is scaled according to the weight and size of the fish. Another great thing about fishing is that whatever is caught can be a tasty dinner. While going out and buying fish then cooking it may be simpler and easier,

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