Enzymes In Food Industry

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Enzymes are proteins that act as biocatalysts for a large number of reactions. They function in the transformation of macromolecules to energy and new materials, besides for growth, repair and maintenance of cells. The important of enzyme are for the degradation of the complex molecules, pectin in the middle lamella and the primary cell walls of young plant cells (Kashyap et al., 2001). The technology of enzyme become an important part in food industry. Earlier, there was limited to small number of applications in commercial use of enzymes in food industry (Stenfansson & Steingrimsdottir, 1990). In the modern food industry which are aim to produce large products for human consumption, the enzymatic method become an important part in the process…show more content…
The existence of enzyme industry in Malaysia can be assumed as almost none eventhough there are large import amount (Ibrahim, 2008), due to the high production cost and high capital investment for industrial applications. Industrial enzyme in Malaysia are used in oil edible and palm oil products, detergent industries, food and beverages, manufacturing, animal feed and baking industries. Pectinases are a group of enzymes which are used to catalyst the degradation of pectic substances via de-polymerization and de-esterification reactions (Pedrolli et al., 2009). The major applications of pectinases are in food industry to produce and clarify wines and other fruit juices (Semenova et al.,…show more content…
They also work in causing decomposition and recycling of waste plant materials to maintain the ecological balance. Pectinase in other hand is a group of enzyme that can btreak down pectin and they have been used in many industrial and also in biotechnological processes such as oil extraction, textile, plant fiber processing, wastewater treatment, fermentation of coffee and tea, plant viruses purification, and paper making. In 1995, pectinase was contributed almost 75% of estimated sale value of industrial enzyme (Kasyap et al., 2001). This enzyme also very important in fruit juice processing industry which they can produce a high quality fruit juices. Microbial pectinase was successfully increased the quality of fruits juices and was proved by Norjana and Aziah, 2011 which with only 0.05% enzyme concentration, it can yield 35% of durian juice in three hour incubation. Thus, there is a requirement to focus on the developments related to pectinase production due to their potential and wide industrial applications. 2.2 Sources of pectinase There are many sources of pectinase. Plants, insects, nematodes, protozoan, bacteria, fungi and yeast can produce pectinases (Pedrolli et al., 2009). Commonly pectinases are widely distributed in higher plants (Whitaker 1991). Therefore, all living things such as animal, plant and microorganisms can be the sources

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