Poverty In Afghanistan

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Poverty Poverty is the main problem for families that effect on children too and make them to go for income for their family almost one half of the Afghan population (46%) lives below the poverty line. According to UN statistics, Afghanistan is the second poorest country in the world. The gross national income per citizen equals 370 dollars per year. By way of example, a judge or a teacher earns about 50 dollars per month so the government should focus in this. Health The child mortality rate is particularly high in Afghanistan and, according to international records, life expectancy at birth is considered to be the lowest. Statistics show that 35% of newborns are underweight. Even today, 87% of deliveries take place in the pregnant mother’s…show more content…
Even though the abolition of the Taliban has made way for children to go back to school, progress has yet to be made when it comes to ensuring the security of students and guaranteeing the right to education of every Afghan child. Child labor In Afghanistan, around 20% of children are expected to work in order to provide for themselves and for their family. Street vendors, water carriers, cardboard collectors, shoe polishers, taxi solicitors, domestic servants, assistants in boutiques, are the kind of odd jobs done by Afghan children. The child plays an important economic role in the Afghan family structure, mainly because the little money earned by their parents is hardly enough to feed the hungry mouths in the family. Additionally, due to cultural practices, Afghan mothers rarely choose to seek employment outside their homes. In this Situation, the family relies upon the economic contribution of the child, even if it means the child is left begging on the…show more content…
Violence and exploitation Young Afghans are often made victims of violence. In 2009, around 250 children were killed during terrorist attacks. Moreover, many among them are victims of sexual abuse. About 1,500 incidents are recorded each year; unfortunately, the majority of the victims do not dare to reveal the unpleasant experiences they have gone through. Furthermore, most often the perpetrators are not taken to courts due to political reasons (former war lords or members of the government, corruption, etc.). Only a serious change in attitude would save the Afghan children from being considered as objects prone to exploitation. Child soldiers Under the Taliban regime, thousands of Afghans under the age of 18 were enrolled in terrorist groups, in one way or another. They were first “brain washed”, then given training on the handling of weapons and finally sent to war. Certain children, barely 6 years of age, were even used as child suicide

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