Employee Welfare System Case Study

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Employees' welfare system is not specialised enough. Tencent Games should perfect its employee welfare system, here are reasons for doing this: • to attract skilled applicants • to keep current talented workers • to strengthen the power of unity • to motivate employees to put much effort into their jobs Strategic proposals to close employee-related design gaps: It is well known that Tencent has a very nice welfare plan to its employees such as interest-free loans for the first payment of housing, 30 days paid vacation, social and commercial insurance, and Tencent's shares. The plan, however, can be more specialised for people working in different departments or son companies. Besides general welfares, Tencent Games may make some small…show more content…
Cut unprofitable games and pay more attention to star games: Tencent Games needs to avoid unnecessary costs like keeping low-profit or unprofitable games. Instead, it has to spend more time and money in developing its star games such as QQ X5, CrossFire and League of Legend. Compare with losing small profits from those low-profit games, losing big customers from star games is definitely a worse outcome. 3. Invest more in public relation: Hire a professional public relation team to deal with unfavourable situations. When negative news comes after Tencent Games, the public relation team may help to reduce damaging effects such as customer's impression and partnership towards the company, for example, write a proper announcement or communicate with partners actively. 4. Use legal means if necessary: When malignant competitors initiate cut-throat competitions to destroy Tencent Games' goodwill, the company should use legal means rather than directly fight back. Sometimes file a lawsuit may be costly, but the goodwill that Tencent Games protects worth much more than…show more content…
In the following months, this program did not work really well since there wasn't much positive feedback from the public, as well as Tencent Games did not put much effort into it. Finally, it has been taken over by Tencent Charity (a department of Tencent which only works on charitable programs) since November 2010 (Tencent, 2012). The program, however, can be an effective tool to strengthen the link between the company and societal goods. The previous charitable program failed because it had nothing to do with Tencent "Games", even the company tried to bring benefits to the society. A proposal is that Tencent Games should create a specific charitable program which not only aims to help people, but also needs to be "game" related. To explain on this, Tencent Games may use this program's funding to support schools in mountain areas to build sports facilities. In China, many mountain area schools do not have sports facilities such as playground and basketball court. By supporting those schools to build sports facilities, children from where will benefit from the program and have the chance to play sports

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