Advantages Of Lipase

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Assessment 1 : To discuss your own project Assessment 2: To discuss one published article related to your project NAME : Dessy Rani A/P Velu ID : 2061151024 EMAIL : 1. Research area/ area of interest (minimum 350 words) What is new? What type of research is needed? Why this is under-explored or not explored? Lipases are one of the most industrially applied enzymes due to their specific hydrolysis of ester bonds between various substrates like acylglycerol, oil or other lipid molecules. Lipase producing microorganisms are found in industrial water, soil contained with oil, oilseeds, coal crest, vegetable oil processing factories, compost blend, decaying food and dairies product.Among different bioresources…show more content…
In present study several lipase producing bacteria have been isolated from palm oil contaminated soil. Advantages of lipase enzyme for biodiesel production are catalysis in mild reactions, using less energy and easy recovery glycerol from biodiesel . There are many types of oil for biodiesel production, e.g. olive oil, palm oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil. Industries are still seeking strains of bacteria that produce a high yield of potent lipase with excellent properties using cost-effective methods. Therefore, the present study conduct to isolate lipase enzyme producing bacteria, after having the isolated strains identified and the culture conditions for optimal production of extracellular lipase determined. Lipase production by bacteria in a culture medium is dependent on environmental conditions often the presence of an inducer and the appropriate physiological parameters such as inoculum, pH and temperature. Optimal cultivation conditions are even more essential to achieve the best harvest for extracellular enzyme production. In addition, it is reported that a single lipase showing various distinct biochemical properties can also be obtained if…show more content…
Which microbial strain produce maximum lipase production? 5. Objectives of the Study (2 main research objectives; 40 words): • In this study, screening and identification of lipase producing bacteria from the microorganism. • To collect soil sample from the contaminated palm oil • To isolate bacteria from the soil • To screen lipase producing bacteria from isolated bacteria • To identify the organism which produce highest lipase activity. • To determine the cultural condition for the maximum production of lipase enzyme 6. Hypothesis of the study ( 2 main hypotheses; 50 words): The hypothesis of this present study is to study about production of lipase enzyme from the bacteria isolated from contaminated palm oil which is taken from industry area.Isolated bacteria may have maximum production of lipase enzyme. 7. Significance of the study (Rational and justification of the study; minimum 50

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