Pill Oesophagitis Case Study

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International Journal of Medical Science and Education An official Publication of Association for Scientific and Medical Education (ASME) Original research Article A STUDY OF THE PREVALENCE OF PILL OESOPHAGITIS IN A TERTIARY CARE CENTER. Dr.Rashmi Modwal, Dr.Anushri Kaul2*, 1, Associate Professor, Department Of General Medicine, JNUIMSRC, Jaipur, India 2.Senior Resident, Department Of Respiratory Medicine, JNUIMSRC ,Jaipur. *Email id of corresponding author- rati.pharm@aiimsbhopal.edu.in Received: 05/12/2016 Revised: 28/02/2017 Accepted: 10/03/2017 ABSTRACT Introduction : Pill oesophagitis in a common yet under diagnosed problem and the true incidence can only be found out by holding a high index of suspicion .Material & Methods: An…show more content…
The patient has a multitude presentations like chest pain after a seemingly unrelated illness, difficulty in swallowing or painful swallowing, retrosternal burning or simply grossly diminished oral intake and /or vomiting. The condition is often not suspected and detected only when endoscopy is performed on suspicion or as a part of fishing expedition to rule out all possibilities. The appearance is characteristic with ulcer on opposing walls of oesophagus with normal mucosa elsewhere. Material & methods: - 200 upper GI endoscopic were perfumed over period of 1year of which 47 had symptoms related to oesophagus like chest pain, retrosternal burning, vomiting , dysphagia or odynophagia Inclusion criteria…show more content…
Typically , the patient takes medicine in a half propped up position with little water and goes off to bed .The pill sticks in the oesophagus and due to caustic nature of some of the compounds and by virtue of prolonged contact and pressure, it causes ulceration of the oesophageal wall . Classically these ulcers are seen on endoscopy as ulcers on opposite walls of oesophagus with normal mucosa elsewhere. The condition is easily treatable and even more easily preventable if provided a high index of clinical suspicion is held. Untreated, complications like hemorrhage, stricture or perforation may arise though usually, recovery is the rule.Moreover, correct diagnosis saves the patient a lot of unnecessary investigations . Our study aimed at studying the incidence and prevalence of pill oesophagitis amongst the patients undergoing upper G I endoscopy though these numbers are not representative as those cases are not included which were not suspected or did not undergo endoscopy and symptoms were relieved with routine PPI management. There was a preponderance of females and elderly in our population diagnosed with the condition which is in accordance with the literature. Need of the time is to enhance the clinical awareness of this diagnoses and save

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