The Basketball Field Essay: Being On The Ball Field

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Being on the Ball Field Prompt: Describe a place or environment where you are perfectly content. What do you do or experience there and why is that meaningful to you? Describe a journey from chaos to peace. “Dink!”, as the ball drives off the bat into play and I’m ready to field at shortstop and fire one to get the runner out. That noise is the sound of a softball which is the sport I grew playing for nine years and counting. Let me say, there is nothing soft about this sport that leaves me with bruises after just about every practice. On the field is where I feel the happiest and in my zone. Most people find their pleasure in other sports, such as football or soccer, others collect rocks or even get in their zone in rock climbing, but mine…show more content…
I started out in a recreational city league for twelve year olds and played for the Dust Devils. After school on Wednesdays, I could not wait to get on the field and learn more about the game and, soon enough, second base became my primary position. There, I learned to cover one on bunts and turn a double play with the shortstop. Eventually I learned how to hit and let me say I wasn’t the greatest because I could barely grip the bat and swing it. I stood at 4’5” and going against girls who were already 5 feet was intimidating at first because they seemed like monsters to me. My love for the game continued and soon I turned ten and joined my first club team, Venom. This is where softball became more serious and winning meant something because in tournaments there was either a trophy or medal to win. Being on the field I became attentive to whatever my coach told me and soaked up all the information I could. We started having more practices during the week and I always threw my outside problems away when I entered the field. At the time only the game was on my mind, not my parents’ issues that they had or our living status of where we were going to stay next

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