Rhetorical Analysis Of Steve Jobs Speech

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Steve Jobs’ Stanford Commencement Speech In June 12, 2005 CEO of Apple Computer and Pixar Studios Steve Jobs gave a motivated Commencement speech at Stanford University. He wanted to speak on finding what we love to do in life to the newly graduated students of Stanford University. He broke the speech down in three different parts; he starts by talking about trying to consider what he want to accomplish in life and how to connect the dots. He next speaks about the different struggles with love and losses that we experience in his life. Lastly, he about how death and how we as student should leave each day as if it was our last. This was one of the most motivated speeches in a Stanford Commencement Ceremony. This audience was the 2005 graduated class of Stanford University. The university wanted Steve Jobs to share some encouraging words to the Class of 2005, and to allow them to see why it is important to look forward to what the world could have for each one of the students if they put full focus and commitment on their goals. We wanted them to see the struggle of fails at occurs on life and how to face and fight through them. Sharing him life story at the Ceremony was one of the way that he can show the…show more content…
It show that he wanted to show the good of achieving our goals, and that if the most people that struggles to achieve, that it is still possible if their minds are in a supported mindset. It was enlightened, because he show the gives that he was receive from push of his goals. Andrew Dlugan had critique Steve Jobs ‘speech, and noted that it was strong opening, simple, rich, and suggested viewers to watch the video of the speech. He gestures and eye contact to the audience was accurate, because of have engage the students was to his speech. From see the videos, I feel that the student felt motivated to go and be successful in their careers after hearing Jobs’

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