Fear Of Death In The Premature Burial By Edgar Allan Poe

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The effects that the fear of death has on the reader are quite evident in the writings of Edgar Allan Poe. The central theme of "The Premature Burial" is extreme terror and its effects on the human mind. It leads the reader to focus on being cut off, being isolated from the world of the living; it is in part the cause of the narrator's abnormal fear of being buried alive. The thought of being alone and abandoned, without hope of ever seeing another human being, petrifies the narrator therefore intended to petrify the reader. Ironically, to avoid the possibility of premature burial, the narrator avoids leaving his home to be among people. He hesitated to ride, or to walk, or to indulge in any exercise that would force him to leave the safe haven which was his home.…show more content…
They must be suffered to inexistence, or our life as we know it will perish. The effects of the fear of death are un-deniable in the Masque of the Red Death. The Masque of the Red Death deals with the inevitability of death and the futility of trying to escape it. The story first starts with an account of the Plague that has been devastating the country. The narrator describes what happens during the duration of the disease, putting emphasis on the redness of the blood in the victims and the scarlet stains produced by the disease. He makes sure to state things like the disease is so bad that one dies after 30 minutes of being infected. That’s where Prince Prospero comes into play. Poe uses his estate as some sort of safe haven for the guests of the party, to be safely hidden inside the walls and gates while the Red Death goes on a rampage throughout the rest of the

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