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The word “meaning” can have such a profound impact on our lives. It can determine how we approach our daily activities, the manner in which we address others, and the way that our healthcare providers practice their oaths to uphold the ethical standards of medicine. The word “meaning” can, at times, be ambiguous. In his book Flourish, Martin Seligman describes meaning as “belonging to and serving something that you believe is bigger than the self” (p. 17). The practice of meaning has a direct impact on the motivation for discovery for the greater good of society. For this reason, all healthcare providers should strive to practice meaning. When healthcare providers focus on practicing meaning, disparities in healthcare can be reduced. Devoted…show more content…
More often than not, patients are treated with cosmetic medications, rather than curative methods. As Seligman states, “symptom relief should be a weigh station on the road to cure” (p. 46). With a world full of extraordinary scientists, no one should have to suffer through an illness with no end in sight. Insurance companies shell out billions of dollars for medications that provide relief, instead of those that provide cures. This leads to pharmaceutical companies developing cosmetic drugs in order to turn a profit; this profit is then shared with physicians by pharmaceutical representatives offering incentives for selling and promoting their products. These incentives include cars, jewelry, paid vacations, and other lavish gifts (I would highly recommend finding a specific source to cite this, otherwise it could be seen as someone trying to blow smoke). Often, when such monetary gains stand to be made, it is easy for the pursuit of true, scientific knowledge and cures to be cast off to the wayside. This quickly turns into a vicious cycle in which funding for research wanes, becoming a less essential part of medicine. Medications that are developed for the purpose of relief yield limitless dividends due to return purchasers; on the other hand, a medication that offers a cure would limit financial gain. Medicine needs to be returned to the hands of the…show more content…
In the past, premiums were lower and more services were offered. Now, premiums are higher coupled with fewer services being offered. And the patients are not the only ones who are feeling the frustration. In recent years, physicians and other healthcare providers have been blamed for problems created by the insurance companies; healthcare providers are left to battle with these companies regarding slowly processed or unpaid claims. Treatment levels are determined by the insurance companies instead of the caregivers. The more extensive the coverage, the more treatment options available to patients. The insurance plan determines if a patient will stay in a private or shared room during his or her hospital stay. It determines if a patient is able to receive a root canal or have a tooth extracted. If a patient has optimal insurance coverage, he or she can get the better doctor. Premium healthcare comes at a cost, and if a patient wishes to have the best treatments, then he or she can expect to purchase the more expensive

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