Who Is Samson Occom's Call To Salvation

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In Samson Occom’s “A Short Narrative of My Life,” Occom shares his story of salvation and calling to the ministry. At sixteen, he hears the call to Christ for the first time and begins to attend all the church meetings he can to learn more. He shares the story of his salvation at age 17 in this quote: And when I was 17 years of age, I had, as I trust, a Discovery of the way of Salvation through Jesus Christ, and was enabl’d to put my trust in him alone for Life & Salvation. From this Time the Distress and Burden of my mind was removed, and I found Serenity and Pleasure of Soul, in Serving God. (Occom 446) This captured my attention because it is so similar to the way most Christians describe their call to salvation. It reminds me how timeless

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