Life Lessons Learned

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Lessons Learned in Life Defeat, do we really know the meaning of the word? I put the statement before you that a defeat in and of itself a great victory. In my life I have faced many defeats, but the one I think changed my life the most was the death of my best friend, Taylor Lynn Isaac. Taylor and I were more than friends, we were sisters. This tragedy has, in some ways, brought great joy to my life and it has brought the greatest sorrow of my life thus far. I found joy in Taylor’s death, which might seem cruel but it’s true. This tragedy brought me out of my shell and made me be myself; not just stay in my room with country music blaring and me taking all my anger out on some dumb video games. I admit that even after this, I will still sit in my basement and play video games, only so I would not have to talk to and nothing to answer for. The move to Oklahoma brought many new factors into my life. One of which was Taylor Lynn…show more content…
When my mom told me this I screamed at her, calling her a liar. I ran out in the street and was planning on running to Taylor’s house just to prove my mom wrong. When I realized that my mom would never lie to me about something like that, I just sank to my knees and cried. At this point Taylor once again changed my life, but this time she wasn’t there so we could fix our little messes together. My world would have never been fixed up without my family helping stop sulking over Taylor, for what I was doing was unhealthy. I would not eat, I spent more and more time by myself, and the only thing I could think was I could have stopped this I could have texted her to wake up and talk to me before the crash. My family showed me that I could have never help her and I had to stop blaming myself. In conclusion, Taylor changed me forever not only through her death, through times we had and our

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